Outverse is reimagining the experience for internet communities – combining forums, Notion-style custom spaces, video and more.
Screenleap for Websites
Once you add a code snippet to your site and configure it, you will be able to interact with your users using Google Meet-like functionality (screen sharing, live video, audio, and chat) directly from your website.
Plezi One
The perfect toolkit for overwhelmed marketers to launch and develop your B2B inbound marketing strategy: 📈 Acquisition and SEO dashboards 🎣 Conversion boost thanks to forms and lead magnets 💌 Engagement automation with email campaigns
PLG Goal Templates
PLG Goal templates is pre-made business metric templates used by top product-led organizations such as Slack, Sentry, Airtable Zoom etc. It helps you set the right PLG Goals according to stage of your company across your teams.
Building for & with the community is what drives us at CRED. When we launched NeoPOP, we planned to open-source it for the developer community. Because art is for everyone. Today we've made the NeoPOP UI framework opensource for Web, Android, iOS and Flutter
Notion SQL Learning
Are you looking for a way to save time and fast-track your SQL learning? Notion SQL Learning is designed to be simple and easy to follow so that you can start learning SQL quickly.
Uiscore Digital Marketplace 2.0
A curated digital marketplace with a growing library of studio quality design resources for designers, agencies and developers.
Tauri is a framework for building tiny, blazingly fast binaries for all major desktop platforms. Developers can integrate any front-end framework that compiles to HTML, JS and CSS for building their user interface.
Loops Cereal
We love swag just as much as the next email startup. But t-shirts, mugs and stickers weren't quite worth getting out of bed for. We needed something energizing. Something with a bit of a crunch. Start your day with a box of limited-edition Loops!
❌ Customers emails & questions can get repetitive & writing the same replies is time-consuming & hard ✅ SwiftReply is an all-in-one solution for your whole team to boost productivity, improve customer interaction, write & organize consistent canned responses.
🚀 Mockoops enables you to create video animations by simply drag-dropping your screen recording and choosing a template. Transform boring screencasts into inspirational animations and upload to your favorite social media platforms!
Dropbase 2.0
Dropbase helps you import data from complex and messy CSV and Excel files to a fully-featured SQL database, with automatic column mapping, error highlighting, and data validation/cleaning. Database setup and hosting included; no technical help required.
Just Launch It
Be proud of what you're building. Use our easy changelog to show your customers that your product is constantly improving. Announce your latest product changes, new features, bug fixes and more. Just launch it, we'll handle the rest!
Poool Party
Poool Party lets you split shared expenses through Venmo without requiring your friends to sign up! Setup recurring Venmo requests or seamlessly split your dinner bill.
Merge your résumé of skills, portfolio of projects and blog content into a social profile you can share and grow an audience around. Businesses can search your data-rich profile and contact you about jobs that match your needs e.g. salary and time commitment.
Built with Swift and AppKit/UIKit, Anybox is a native bookmark manager for your Mac and iPhone. With a floating bookmarks bar on desktop and a Spotlight-like interface, finding bookmarks is a breeze. Browser extensions, Raycast extension… Anybox has it all.
EasyRetro is a simple and intuitive tool to facilitate sprint retrospectives, brainstorming, and other collaborative meetings with remote teams.
We curated an amazing gallery of SaaS/tech marketing websites and landing pages with effective layouts, engaging copywriting, well-thought out product graphics and lean development. Perfect for SaaS founders, freelancers, designers and marketers.
And Notes
And notes - & - brings the power of a simple note taking app together with a bunch of smartness, so you can focus on taking notes and enjoy the insights.
Automates your job search on platform like Linkedin, Indeed and Ziprecruiter. Create your profile, Choose your job search parameters like ( remote, fulltime, salary,.) and apply for 1000's of jobs in single click. Start today 🔥