Fig makes engineers more productive in the terminal. ⠀ Our first product adds visual completions for hundreds of public CLI tools like cd, git, npm/yarn, docker, and aws. ⠀ Want private autocomplete? Create your own completions and share them with your team!
SaaS Examples
Looking for inspiration for your new SaaS website? Wanna quickly check other SaaS welcome emails without signing up to hundreds of them? That’s exactly why I’ve put together SaaS Examples: To always have an up to date inspiration gallery!
HockeyStack 2.0
HockeyStack is an analytics tool for SaaS companies that unifies your marketing, revenue, sales, and product data. HockeyStack uncovers insights, such as the LTV of a blog post, monthly support load by pricing plan, or feature usage of each marketing channel.
The default demo won’t cut it for your deal, and neither will spending weeks on a custom version. With Demostack you can spin up a demo environment in minutes and tailor the story for every conversation. No code needed.
Clerk SMS for Slack
Send and receive SMS directly in Slack with your team members. Use an existing phone number or bring your own. Works in threads and in channels, bridge the gap between internal and external communication for real-time & asynch communication.
Early Learning for Preschoolers
Early Learning prepares the littlest ones for a future of lifelong success by pairing them with their very own teacher. They’ll build skills in numeracy, literacy, pre-STEM, and social emotional learning by playing our one-of-a-kind, interactive activities!
NextUI is the next-gen UI React library that allows you to make beautiful websites regardless of your design experience, comes with awesome features like Auto Dark Mode recognition, Themes support, easy customization, Best-in-class DX and much more.
Top 50 LinkedIn Messages eBook 2022
We want to help you to up your networking game! Because your network is your net worth. These 50 LinkedIn messages are here to inspire you and help you engage your connections in meaningful conversations.
Waitlyst Beta
Waitlyst helps product-led companies collect product feedback, engage customers, and make data-driven decisions designed to help make their business successful.
Candor 2.0
Empowering tech talent to find belonging at work by surfacing fair, balanced, first-person feedback on teams and their leaders, all before contracts are signed. Sign up today and explore what Candor can offer in your journey to finding belonging at work.
Podda is a podcast discovery tool that you can use to discover podcasts by guest.
Uncover data of thousands of e-commerce brands. Perfect for d2c merchants.
WhalePeek - NFT alerts
Get alerted when top NFT influencers mint, buy or sell.
Dealflow 2.0 by Micro Acquisitions
Dealflow aggregates deals from your favorite startup acquisition marketplaces so you never miss an opportunity. Sort deals by revenue, business model, sales multiples, asking price, and more. Receive custom reports by email or Slack alerts.
Pepul is a new age Interest-based Social Networking platform from India. With our "Privacy-first" approach & hyperlocal connectivity, people can connect safely with like-minded real people profiles nearby them & create real-life communities in their interests.
PropelAuth hosts and manages your authentication. Features like social logins, magic links, or managing profile pictures can be added in a single click. With our B2B support, your users can create organizations and invite their team members out of the box.
Columns AI
Columns Ai helps our users discover the most important stories in their data and share them through beautiful visualizations in data stories or data apps, all on the same platforms/workspaces we use daily, such as browser, email, Slack, etc.
Whatis for Chrome
Whatis lets you access and organize your team’s context like jargon, acronyms, projects, metrics, and more. Accessible across Slack and Chrome.
Signl aggregates and quantifies evidence of a company's traction by scouring news articles, media coverage, social buzz, and more.
Timer4Life offers you a high-level productivity timer and exciting videos with the set of smartly chosen activities that promote your focus during working hours and help you get maximum pleasure from your daily routine!