Market Test
Do you trust your AI-generated content? Market Test is a fast way to test both human creative and AI-generated content on 100 real consumers. Perform iterative and agile testing in minutes, with results within two hours.
AI YouTube Thumbnails
Give us a video title or description, and we'll send you 5 ready-to-use, custom-designed thumbnails in under 5 minutes. Use them as-is or as inspiration for building your own thumbnail.
Notion Planner Bundle
Notion Planner Bundle is a set of 3 Notion templates which include a daily planner, weekly planner, and monthly planner. You can fix your daily, weekly, and monthly routine with this bundle.
The Twitter Second Brain
Building a following on Twitter can be challenging. But with our Notion template, you'll have the tools and resources you need to create, organize, and launch impactful tweets.
Videodub is an AI-powered platform that simplifies the process of adding voice-overs and subtitles to videos. It transcribes the speech, translates it, and adds a natural-sounding voice-over in the language of your choice.
Dazzle illustrations
Unleash your creativity with Dazzle Illustrations, a captivating pack of 500 high-quality abstract vector illustrations. With intricate lines, expressive brush strokes, and eye-catching gradients made to level up your designs.
Believe me or not this is perfect time to start own AI startup in this golden era of AI, and I research on the internet and found some amazing side projects people built using GPT-4 and making millions of dollars. [ 100% Free ]
TikTok Micro-influencers list. Super simple and easy to use. All accounts are active, ready to make promotions. More than 300 people already in the list. Any influencer can apply to join the list. We manually check them.
Better Prompts
Introducing our revolutionary AI-powered tool that effortlessly transforms everyday prompts into highly detailed and advanced inputs, empowering GPT models to generate nuanced and insightful responses with unparalleled accuracy.
A simple and effective Habit template to help you start tracking the things that matter and make progress towards your goals. Automatically refreshes each day so you can focus on your habits! Free to download and use!
10,000 Software as a Service Idea Prompt
This comprehensive collection of 10,000 SaaS Idea prompts bundle will allow you to tap into your creativity and generate new SaaS product ideas without getting stuck.
Centralize your customer communication with Messengerhive, an all-in-one messaging app that supports WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Unify your channels, streamline communication, and offer real-time support effortlessly.
Smart Repository (w/ Notion AI)
Welcome to Smart Repository- the AI-powered knowledge hub, in your pocket! Store all your knowledge media in one aesthetic digital space. Leverage personalized AI to generate recommendations, summaries and even craft articles based on your custom repository!
Universis for Admissions
Universis is your very own AI College Admission Counselor that provides you with personalized guidance to get into the college of your dreams! Ask it anything, let it review your college essays, and get the most up-to-date information.
Midjourney V 5.1 Prompts Bundle
Discover the power of Midjourney and unlock a world of endless creative possibilities. With our collection of over 200 Inspiring Prompts across 50 Categories, you can dive right in and start creating stunning images that captivate and inspire.
AgencyMate: Ultimate Agency Assistant
Transform your agency with AgencyMate Pro: the ultimate all-in-one assistant. Crafted prompts for 20 work categories, from customer support to content generation. Unlock new revenue streams, save time, and scale your business effortlessly.
Unravel the secrets of Micro SaaS business models with SaasSherlock! This comprehensive resource is your investigative partner, revealing pain points, solutions, differentiation factors, pros and cons, examples, case studies, monetization strategies and more.
Meet Five, an AI-powered app transforming the way parents & kids communicate! Five simplifies complex topics, ignites meaningful talks, and strengthens family bonds. Step into your child's world with Five - because every good chat starts with understanding.
Habitudes - Elegant habit monitoring app
Are you looking for a simple and elegant companion that helps you keep your resolutions? Habitudes is there for you. Personalize your habits, note your achievements and be rewarded for your successes! Improve your daily life by holding good habits.
The Design Vault
The Design Vault is your one-stop solution for all your design needs. With a vast collection of fonts, icons, and resources, it empowers designers to create visually stunning and engaging projects. Don't miss out on this powerful resource – get it today.