timeOS 2.0
timeOS is an AI-powered New Tab page designed to help you prepare for your next meeting. Hover over events to access relevant context from Gmail, past meeting notes, and LinkedIn. Tap to talk with AI directly from the meeting reminder get ready in seconds. 🔮
Visme Forms
Redefine sign-up experiences with personalized, interactive forms that integrate with your site & an entire suite of design tools and data analytics. With customizable animated characters and other standout features, they’re proven to 2x conversions.
Closely 2.0
Closely is an all-in-one sales engagement platform designed to supercharge your sales strategy via email and LinkedIn. Whether it’s a multichannel campaign or solo outreach, Closely empowers your team to engage prospects easily and effectively.
Syllaby V2.0
Syllaby, a 5-in-1 digital marketing powerhouse tool, harnesses AI to simplify viral video creation. It aids in ideation, scheduling, scripting, and even avatar-based video production with its stand-alone video editor, streamlining your marketing journey.
Coverse is a new way to work with documents. Gather Google Docs, Sheets, Word; Excel, Figma; Miro, Airtable, PDFs; screenshots, and others in one place. Add comments, notes, diagrams and tasks. Invite your team to collaborate in a powerful productivity hub
The fastest way to turn your information into action. Turn meetings, documents, and updates into actionable insights and shareable topics. Comes with over 80 built-in templates. Build your work feed, organize your information, and write faster with Bash.
MarsCode provide Al-powered Cloud IDE and IDE extensions. The built-in Al Assistant and the out-of-the-box developmeent environment let you focus more on the development of various projects.
Command Stick™️ for Android
Control your phone with one touch. A seamless and highly customisable UI with no speed limit, offering greater efficiency and functionality than any other interface, anywhere.
Today we’re launching end-to-end no-code workflows including spreadsheet-style calcs, data browsing, and endorsements. They live alongside our existing SQL, Python, and AI tools, making Hex the first platform to bring these modalities together in one place.
Backseat AI by Tyler1
Your in-game AI buddy, featuring the personas of your favorite creators. Co-founded by Tyler1, the top League of Legends streamer, get real-time coaching, stats and vibes to level up your gaming experience! Early access alpha for LoL is available now.
Grow your online business and social media with our proven designs. Save time using our 100 million plus templates. Need to create your own? CrestGPT comes with a powerful canvas editor. Increase followers and elevate your brand.
Anecdote brings all your customer feedback together - from app reviews and support chats to surveys and social media - for super easy analysis in one dashboard.
Justinmind User Flows
We’ve developed a tool that lets you create user flows, integrate them with your fully-functional prototype, and simulate and validate these flows with your stakeholders.
Appointment Scheduling Software: Forget about the question "when to meet". Just send a link and get more done with Wellpin. Try it now for free!
HeroKit allows you to create and embed stunning visuals on your website within minutes. It integrates seamlessly with no-code builders such as Squarespace, Framer, WebFlow, Wix, and WordPress. Supercharge your brand!
Fryderyk is a music making web app with a built-in AI assistant, empowering musicians to integrate AI collaboration into their creative process.
Qaiz uses GPT to generate trivia quizzes instantly on any topic, enabling live competition among friends, family and students. It features engaging live commentary and offers awards for winners, making the quiz experience both interactive and rewarding.
The #1 SvelteKit boilerplate with all you need to build and launch fast!
AI-Powered Sleep Stories
The AI-Powered Sleep Story Generator is designed to help you fall asleep effortlessly. By combining gentle narration with soothing sounds and DELTA Binaural Beats, it guides your mind away from the stresses of the day, promoting a smooth transition into sleep.
Guider is a travel platform offering diverse tours, from city walks to history and food tours. Each tour provides unique experiences, making every journey enriching. Discover cities like never before with Guider's curated adventures tailored to your interests.