theGist provides personalized summaries of Slack channels and threads using generative AI. Stop sifting through endless conversations, simply get what you need to know so you can focus on your work.
Polywork for Twitter
Polywork’s browser extension turns Twitter into a collaboration network. See what everyone is open to collaborating on, right on their Twitter profile + search for collaborators across Twitter. It’s never been easier to connect with your Twitter network.
Highrise Metaverse
Build, trade, hangout - immerse yourself in a world of bold art, custom rooms, and rich social experiences crafted with our house-made tools. Get a special PREMIUM starter pack by entering this code in settings: highrise-hunt
Savee is a startup-friendly platform that helps businesses buy and manage vendor contracts. It identifies vendor overlaps and potential compliance issues while uncovering cost savings and managing the approval and renewal processes.
Restaurant Community
It's a community where restaurants can learn from each other all while troubleshooting problems, staying up-to-date on industry news, and accessing new resources with zero solicitation.
Notion Standup
Notion Standup helps you to receive daily standup reports on email and other channels for your and your team's current and overdue tasks on Notion. Stay updated always with daily reports through email, Slack, Discord, Webhook, Zapier, and Telegram.
Neptune by Hashnode
Neptune is Hashnode's Markdown-based WYSIWYG editor for composing blog posts. Preview formatting as you type, embed multimedia content with a keystroke, add custom HTML, and get instant suggestions on improving your grammar. We're adding AI Assist soon too.
The most advanced and medically proven tech solution, which allows men to last longer in bed and control climax without pills or numbing creams. To improve men’s sexual well-being, it’s a combination of a stimulation device and a training app.
Basement API
Developing a fast and reliable web3 app is hard. Basement makes it faster than ever. Basement's APIs and SDK are the easiest way to fetch, index and understand what's happening on Ethereum. From low-level transactions to NFT Metadata, Basement's got it all.
It's hard to get traction and grow a business as a beginner. Finding the time, energy, and resources to take your startup from zero to hero is difficult. GrowthBot is a growth strategy assistant that helps you grow from $0 to $10,000 MRR.
Spotify Wrapped 2022
According to Spotify, 2022 has been a year of "emergence" where "everything is happening all at once," so this year's Wrapped looks inward, launching new features that analyze users' personalities and daily listening habits.
Fillout for Notion
Make stunning forms from your existing Notion tables, for free! Just connect your database, pick a style and watch new submissions appear in Notion. Embed your form on a Notion page or wherever you need it.
Dialworks for Sales Hiring
Find the right sales rep and train them to be successful with Dialworks, an on-demand sales hiring, and training platform. Dialworks replicates real-life scenarios to find skilled sales reps, train and upskill them.
Mutata is the first framework that enables you to run and release native Swift iOS apps on Android devices without rewriting your code. Just "Mutata" your Xcode project and release it directly to Google Play Store.
DevRel Careers
DevRel Careers is a specialized career platform where job seekers can filter, search and apply for hand-picked DevRel opportunities across the world, and hiring managers can connect with the very best DevRel talent.
Using formlylogic, you can now ask only the right questions and skip the rest, create quizzes and fun games all using Webflow and no-code! Sign up as a FormlyPro to get FormlyLogic & 5 other pro-only features!
Checkout Links for Shopify
Checkout Links allows you to create shopable links in minutes so that you can sell where your audience lives. ✌🏽
Best Startup Books
Best Startup Books is the biggest curated collection of 640+ must-read startup books on the internet. We've categorized them by genres, topics and authors, so you can pick the best books for your reading list in minutes.
Get hired or directly hire the best Laravel developers. Laradir allows developers to have their public profile (for free) and listen to job offers, enabling companies to browse directly between candidates who match the profile they are looking for.
Notion Personal Website Template
This sleek and modern notion template has everything you need to get started on your own personal website, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their work, blog, or just share a little bit about themselves with the world.